Understandably, you miss the iPhone 14, but the iPhone Photography Awards 2022 has just landed to prove that you don’t really need that alleged 48MP camera to take amazing photos.

The annual competition, which is held independently of Apple but has been going on for 15 years, has just announced its impressive list of winners. And it’s not dominated by the latest iPhones at all, with the winners reaching all the way to the 2015 iPhone 6S Plus.

We did some counting and 44% of the winners actually ended up on models from the iPhone 11 or earlier series. That said, by far the best represented phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which ranked behind 23% of the competition’s award-winning photos.

The 2020 iPhone 12 Pro Max was the best-represented model among this year’s winners of the iPhone Photography Awards. (Image Credit: Apple)

The IPPA 2022 Award Policy states that photos “should not be tampered with in any computer imaging program like Photoshop”, so how is there such a varied range of styles in terms from “abstract” to “travel”?

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